17th Sun

Pompas. A world still in its infancy, though whether simply by youthfulness of age or a previous global catastrophic event, no one is entirely sure. Surrounded by unstable and highly dangerous, uncharted areas of ungovernable primal energy, the people are confined to a handful of small Settlements, where they live out their simple days in peace under the protection of high fences and force-wielding priests. In order to survive the rough and wild unknowns beyond their doors, the people of Pompas are harmonious by nature, favouring consensus and cooperation over disputes or discord, and individuals are brought up upon such a backdrop. Children are encouraged to try their talents in various skills until the age of seventeen, at which they are expected to decide their career path and become valuable members of the community. Despite, or perhaps, because of the varying nature of the world at large, many are born with the ability to influence certain elements, otherwise known as “primal forces”. Of these, a small handful can, with proper training, be capable of much, much more.

Caught between this delicate balance of society and self are Scott and Kagiri, two of Settlement J14’s youths. As they navigate their lives through the world around them, will they be able to stand steadfast to their community and the people they care about? More importantly, will they be able to stay true to themselves?

。   。 。 。   。

Chapter 1: Threads
“She was just a tiny person, in a tiny settlement, covering a tiny part of a grand world. And with these thoughts in mind, she gracefully waltzed the tiny needle through the delicate fabric.”

Chapter 2: Coffee
“And so it was. For the pencilled sketch was definitely alive, its leaves rustling to the flow of an imaginary breeze.”

Chapter 3: Prejudice
“That’s more like it. And you can call me by my first name, you know. No need to be so formal.”

Chapter 4: Fib
“The ground shook beneath his feet, enough to upset him, except it didn’t. The wind ripped at his hair as a thin scream penetrated the air. Then, all was still.”

Chapter 5: Beastly
“She felt completely detached from reality, as if her life was playing out in front of her eyes and she was just standing there, watching, unable to act for herself.”

Chapter 6: TBA

Chapter 7: TBA

Chapter 8: TBA

Chapter 9: TBA

Chapter 10: TBA

Chapter 11: TBA

Chapter 12: TBA

Chapter 13: TBA

。   。 。 。   。

[17th Sun] is a story partnership between Eri of Project Ji•No•Wa and myself. Over the course of the next two months, we plan to take turns weaving a story with little more than a list of facts about a predetermined world and two lightly-developed characters. We hope you’ll join us on our journey into the unknown.


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