About Moi

Just your average girl, reading, writing, and lying in anticipation for her life to really, truly begin.

“Alice met her laughing cat
Jasmine flew her magic mat
But here I’m bound, and here I stay, on tired feet I tread.

Cindy enlisted a singing rat,
Potter donned his talking hat,
Yet all I have, to dream upon, is the noggin’ in my head!”

If you’re also waiting for your miracle, or just seeking a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of it all, come in, grab a coffee, and put up your feet (I won’t judge, promise!), because there’s another world out there, if only you’d choose to believe.

。   。 。 。   。

A little bit about the characters of my life:
The children of my cellphone and myself during the long, tedious, and extremely boring hours of public transit to and from university. Although not a dazzling birth, their lives can become so much more if a home can be made for them in the hearts of those who meet them.


A Penny for Your Thoughts:

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